Building Automated Testing and Bug Repair Infrastructure for IoT

Building Automated Testing and Bug Repair Infrastructure for IoT
Norihiro Yoshida


Since IoT systems are typically built on devices with limited computing resources using lightweight platforms and network protocols, it is hard for developers to avoid leaving vulnerabilities. In this study, I develop a toolset for IoT systems that can seamlessly implement the flow from vulnerability detection by automated testing, to localization of vulnerable code, to automated bug repair and release it as OSS.

Research Goals

Develop a toolset for automated vulnerability testing and bug repair for IoT.

Originality and Novelty

  • So far, research on automated testing and bug repair has focused on general software, such as binary data or images as input. This study focuses on complex vulnerabilities in IoT systems.
  • Seamlessly supports automated testing, vulnerable code localization, and automated bug repair, which have been studied separately.


Detection and bug repair for a wide range of IoT vulnerabilities without limiting the vulnerabilities that accompany crashes.

Future Deployment & Research Plan

  • Once this study is completed, it will lead to studying environments that automatically evolve IoT systems. For example, it could lead to the realization of an environment that automatically repairs a running IoT system if the necessary conditions that the system should follow are given in advance.
  • The extension of this toolset will be provided so that other researchers and practitioners can quickly improve it to form an OSS community for this toolset.